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Now that you've eaten all that food (hopefully more healthy than not), indulged in all of those sweets, and immersed yourself in full family dysfunction, it's time for a health tune-up.

Stress relief is a priority. I was inspired by a fellow practitioner: treat oneself as you would a patient...

The checklist she gave me follows:

1. Wake up, when you said you would not when you feel like it. Given the level of slump and holiday treats/drinks you may not feel like leaving your covers.

2. Meditate, whatever that means for you as long as you feel connected to yourself at peace. That does not mean the laundry list of things to do in your head. If it's music, play. If it's movement, move.

3. Mental tidy up, Journal, reach out to a friend or colleague or read something positive.

4. Nourish yourself, with something hopefully better than worse for you. Supplement as needed.

5. Commence with your plan for the day, take some time (5-10 minutes) to plan for your week.

6. Recognize that today is a privilege and BREATHE!

Every day is a new day, you can get back on the wagon anytime. Forgive yourself the mistakes (overindulgences, familial induced amygdala hijack, and sugar overload) and start fresh.

Primal Blueprint Shopping list as seen on Mark's Daily Apple:


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