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Our Team

Michelle Mansueto

Michelle Mansueto
Owner-operator Acupuncture Physician, DOM, and certified Primal Health Coach who loves to guide you to your best possible state of health. Michelle assists patients in developing and maintaining their health using various modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Michelle received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Florida International University. She started her training in Acupuncture with the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture and finished her training at the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Michelle continued on with a 6-year mentorship with one of her professors to continue her studies and refining skills. Michelle provides both acupuncture and other non-needle therapies: Acupressure, Cupping, Herbal Therapy, Moxibustion, and Primal Health Coaching services. After meeting for a consultation and an overview of your health history, we create a treatment plan specifically tailored for your needs. Your treatment plan will let you know how often you should come for treatment and what things you may be able to do on your own to improve how you feel. 


Sol is currently finishing her curriculum with Acupuncture and Massage College in Kendall, FL. This is her second career which brings rich experience from her first career. Please welcome her and feel free to schedule a student appointment with her. Sol has a wealth of knowledge in TCM Food Therapy and if you have already experienced her Gua Sha and Cupping Therapy you know that she is a gem. 


Bobbi is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and adept with sound healing. She is an excellent addition to our clinic as many of you have already experienced. Bobbi is accepting student appointments for Asian Body Work - Tui Na and first time appointments. We are pleased to be a part of her journey through her schooling experience. 

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