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Of Death Throes & Labour Pains...

By Guest Author EMME:

The Earth and her children are experiencing a powerful, traumatic and historic time.

Since 2012 December, when the Astrological Age of Pisces, symbolized by two fish, (one looking to the past, the other to the future), completed its cycle and began giving way; thusly preparing for the pregnancy, labour pains & birth of the next 26,800 year Astrological Cycle, the Age of Aquarius, our Earth has been in ever increasing turmoil and chaos... the Death throes of the Piscean Age.

In the midst of transforming Pisces energies, a Cosmic Dance continues; & it seemingly, magnifies the Death throes of this outgoing Piscean cycle. We are experiencing the "Dark before Dawn;" the last dying grasp at/of the Authorative System of power by those who have held it for so long.Some of the most powerful of our Human family have resisted, denying these natural and unavoidable changes . Their actions bring to Humanity's attention what is NOT working within various human cultures. Some adjust and work within and with the energies of these changes. Some deny these cycles and try to force their will, resisting these natural changes.

The final throes of this Pisces Era brings to Humanity's attention a Virus, a War, and more...and that doesn't begin to account for the horrific toll of violence against all of Earth and her children. If Humanity becomes aware of, accepts and acts upon the fact that the ONLY difference between people is our method of expression and recognizes that our wants, our needs are the very same, then we will move foreward... united... with respect, appreciation and gratitude for Life in all its myriad forms.

As a Heart Sister has said; "We are many voices but one world!"

While the Universe is pregnant with this New Age, we have a chance to assess and

facilitate our growth not only as individuals but as aware, growing and contributing members of our human and humane family. What an inspiring and powerful opportunity!!!

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