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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

I want to empower you. I don’t want you to live in my clinic. I want for you to get better, or reach your goal, or just visit me for maintenance after we get through it. We all make less than desirable food choices. There’s currently a challenge going on at Om’echaye for the staff to see who can make improvements in their body composition. I’m going to have to hop on with the clients I’ve been guiding and the staff that has engaged this project.

In order to celebrate this, I have just stuffed my last cookie (for a while). I love cookies, they do not love me. I am on the thinner side of things, but that means nothing to my blood sugar. I generally eat to live. When I get stressed I live to eat cookies, Simple Mills soft batch chocolate chip specifically. I’ve been eating mostly Primal for nine years and change. It was a challenge to begin, but I had no choice, I had the gift of gestational diabetes. With the changes I had a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, and a whole new way of looking at food that made me feel amazing.

When my clients want to use acupuncture for weight loss I feel an immediate sigh coming on. I have no miracles or quick fixes. I have needles to assist metabolism, reduce stress, inflammation, pain, and even help stretch the mindset. I have lifestyle changes, and TCM food therapy guidance. This method is slower, yet entirely effective and lasting once you learn how your food and lifestyle affect you.

Pick one small thing this week that you can consistently change. Next week we pick another. We can take the food experiment as far as you would like. We can compare your lab markers with your PCP or functional medicine practitioner, we can utilize the In-

body metrics, and we can even use a glucose meter. You let me know how far you want to take your personal food experiment and journey.

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