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IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy

IV Nutritional Therapy

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Proponents of IV Nutritional Therapy consider vitamins taken intravenously are more effective than when swallowed orally. Some patients rely on these treatments when they're feeling under the weather, battling jet lag, or fighting off illness, combat aging, boost brainpower, control stress, or even treat medical conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain, while others frequent IV clinics as part of their wellness routine.

These IV treatments aren’t exactly new — they’ve traditionally been used in hospitals to help patients rehydrate or restore nutrient deficiencies.

IV Nutritional Therapy Services are offered through a partnership with the Functional Health Center. An on-site Nurse Practitioner delivers IV therapies that include Immune and Metabolism Boost, Performance Enhancer, and Hangover Recharge Remedy.

This relaxing, hydrating therapy is a perfect way to rejuvenate while meditating,  listening to your favorite music or reading a good book. 

For an individually tailored treatment plan, you may supply your labs to the Nurse Practitioner and Pharmacist before your appointment at

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