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The beauty of Five Element Acupuncture is that it's designed to look beyond what presents as disharmony and disorder and envision what that looks like in health, or balance. A yelling, frustrated, and impatient Wood type can be envisioned in a different light with a splash of calm. What is presented as frustration may just be the flip side of a type A-driven personality that isn't growing as quickly as they would like. How does Acupuncture help with this?

Acupuncture can induce a calm state, a feeling of stress reduction, that may enable a fresh perspective. When we are in a more balanced state it may be easier to be reasonable, flexible, and adaptable.

New Years' Resolutions, goals, and health may go by the wayside if we are not reasonable. In the spirit of Five Element acupuncture, what does good health, or better health, look like for you? What is a reasonable accomplishment?

Most importantly: How badly do you want that accomplishment? Your level of commitment matters, if you are not committed, it will not last.

Be reasonable about your capabilities, your basic design, and your purpose.

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