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I have often battled with how to make acupuncture affordable for continuous care. There are some conditions that people have suffered with for years, not just a few sometimes 10-20 years. While I love when acupuncture works on the first try, it is RARE. It often takes multiple sessions and sometimes more than just once a week. I wanted to create a space where I could provide care at that level for those who do not have insurance coverage. Private appointments average out between $50-$125 per appointment. Community style acupuncture offers an alternative: a sliding scale in which you choose what you pay within a range so that you are able to receive regular care.

Community-style acupuncture is performed in an open setting. Distal points from the elbow crease down and knee crease down are utilized to treat the whole body. While the time is shared and the room is open, treatment is effective and peaceful.

I invite you to try community-style acupuncture on Tuesdays and Fridays (9:30-1:30) at Dr. Gena's Chiropractic office. Pricing is based upon the honor system and no income verification is required. Treatments are priced between $20-$40, you pay what you can afford so you can receive regular care as often as you need it.

Whether you choose private appointments or community-style appointments, acupuncture offers amazing health benefits with regular care. Maintenance treatments are important for holding results. (You don't stop going to the gym if you want to stay in shape once you are there.)

I'm very excited to offer this format which makes acupuncture treatment accessible even for those without insurance coverage.

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