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The emotion for the water element is FEAR. Trembling on the inside, frozen on the outside. The kidneys in Chinese Medicine are associated with fear. In a state of health, it is also associated with wisdom and cleverness.

Fear can be an excellent motivating force if one can manage through the frozen state. Fear is a response to a perceived threat, with reactions that assist in solutions. A healthy water element will have a balanced approach towards danger/fear, it encourages the mind to work quickly towards solutions.

Fear is a necessity, yet should not exist within us to the point of constricting our daily lives, as anxiety can do. The what-if and what might happen will always be there. (Bladder #62 to calm the spirit) "Fear thrives in darkness and ignorance" and dissipates when "the light of awareness" is turned unto it (Essential Spirituality, Walsh R. 1999).

Maintaining a healthy water element is important in reducing anxiety. Healthy water has enough storage, meaning you should rest enough to have energy reserves from which to draw upon. There can be a healthy balance between activity and rest. Have you found that in your day? Are you able to limit and cope with some of the stresses you have (the stressors that are in your control)?

Acupuncture, acupressure, and massage can help reduce stress and anxiety. While it cannot change your circumstances, it may help you cope better with them. Acupuncture helps your body use energy reserves appropriately so that you do not feel overtaxed. Return to a healthy water element with wisdom and clarity, think fluidly.

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