Moxa is the herb Artemisia argyi, or mugwort, packed dried and tightly rolled into cigar shape. It is lit and used for indirect heat as therapy on select points. Moxa can also be loose, meaning your practitioner can roll it into cones to be placed directly on top of needles or points for direct heat therapy.

Moxa treatment is useful for emotional, physical, and spiritual uses in treatment.  Moxa is useful in building energy gently and nourishing the body. Moxa is also useful in pain management. When points on the low back are utilized it can do much to quell an aching back. It can be used over the belly button to warm and build energy and soothe the intestines. It can be used to build or rescue yang energy (the energy of youth that daily life and illness can deplete).


Moxa has another very interesting indication:  Moxa Therapy for Breech Babies/Malpresentation. This form of Moxa therapy is most effective beginning at 34 weeks.