Welcome to Eco(logical)Acupuncture

 A Community-based Practice

Acupuncture treatments are performed in an open quiet setting in shared space. The open setting allows multiple people to share the space while pursuing the same endeavor of better health.  Treatments are offered on a sliding scale, meaning YOU decide what is affordable for you within the suggested range.  The sliding scale allows you to receive treatment as often as you need to get back on track, and stay on track with your health goals. 

What I ask from you: Give it a fair trial. It often takes multiple treatments with regular consistency for an issue to resolve.  It can take 6-10 treatments to see results, especially in chronic conditions that have been with you for a long time. Consistency matters in acupuncture just like it matters in the gym, or with any health practice. I also ask for feedback. You must follow up and let me know what is working better, and what is remaining the same. It allows me to create a treatment plan for you. You may experience relief that does not last AT FIRST, it may take a few treatments to have results hold or resolve. Be open to the experience and changes suggested. I look forward to working with you toward better health. 


Community Clinic Hours 

Tuesday : Community Style Clinic   9:30-1:30   (Plantation)   

Friday:  Community Style Clinic     9:30-1:30    (Plantation) 

Sunday: Community Style Clinic    9:30 - 1:30   (Plantation)



Consultations are approximately 15 minutes. This time allows you to give a brief description of your health history and what you expect to receive from treatment. It allows you to ask questions about acupuncture, it's benefits for you, and address any concerns you have related to your care. You can schedule online or by calling 954-400-5806.


Initial Visits  $40-$60

Follow Up Visits $20-$40

Sliding scale acupuncture is the great experiment in a different business model.  I understand that good health is a right and should not break the bank. I may ask you to seriously consider changing your ecology: your relationship with food, exercise, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle. Your commitment to your homework and your treatment plan will help your progress. The sliding scale is the agreement that acupuncture quality is not sacrificed in an open space, and your commitment to your health goals should also be no less. 


Community Acupuncture @ The Yoga Nest

Wednesdays at 1:30 purchase tickets through the Yoga Nest (www.theyoganestfl.com) and text 678-521-3223 for your appointment time.

Health Fairs and Events Around Town

Restorative Yoga + Acupuncture Nights

Yoga and Acupuncture in one place! Experience a relaxing yin yoga session followed by a stress relieving session of acupuncture~ January 27th at 6:30 pm. Purchase tickets through the Yoga Nest. 

Full Harvest Workshop

Janice Heller and Michelle Mansueto present Full Harvest Workshop, holistic care for mothers and babies.Experience a group treatment of auricular acupuncture (for any who wish to participate) while we discuss Moxibustion for new mothers, herbal remedies for mothers and babies, and basic acupressure for babies. 

Next Workshop: Coming Soon